Call for Papers

Superficially, the history of speech communication research is experimental and impressionistic, but in its core the field is theoretical, and the concepts that it has introduced to the sciences in general are often very fundamental. Recently, the use of digital technologies has transformed the speech communication sciences tremendously.  The change has precipitated new questions regarding the long history of speech research that are of general interest to the field. For instance:

   • How did this transformation happen and did we only benefit from it?

   • How did it change the conceptual structure of the field?

   • When and by whom were these transformational processes initiated and enacted?

These are some of the new topics we welcome to the workshop. The dates for the submissions are as follows:

   • Full paper submission: April 25, 2017

   • Notification of acceptance: June 1, 2017

   • Camera-ready paper submission: June 15, 2017

   • Workshop: August 18–19, 2017

Full papers should use a format to be provided later and should be no more than ten pages long (see the submission page for more detail). The review will be performed by at least two reviewers. Papers will be published via the ISCA archive with full open-access.